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Posted by Alison Block, Mar 14 2014 8:03AM

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Massage therapist with golfers/tennis elbow how long before I can do treatments again?

Hi every one I was just wondering if any other therapist has had golfers/tennis elbow in the past
And how long did it take before you can do treatments again? I've had it for two weeks and now coming to the end of my third and I've ended up having a anti flameatry injection but so far I'm still not able to put a lot of pressure on it and I'm doing exorcises for it to. Any info would be helpful to me right now plus it will keep me occupied :)

Many thanks
Michelle Bagot
Mar 20 2014 3:07AM
have a look at this for treating your tennis elbow

i've used k-tape on many people with great results!

Only go back when you are comfortable that you can do so without pain or aggravating the injury

Hope this helps


Celia Worster
Oct 22 2014 3:15PM
I recently had the same problem. My gp referred me to a physiotherapist and that, along with some acupuncture, has really helped. Good Luck
Tania Waller
Dec 15 2014 7:01PM
It's at times like these that I am grateful I discovered Neuroflexology. It is a new therapy that was particularly devised for therapists who have injuries or health conditions and cannot work to their normal level. Giving a treatment takes less than 10 minutes so does not challenge the therapists hands whilst giving your client time and space to enable their own healing.

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