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Posted by Hilary John , May 21 2014 9:07PM

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Training to become a trainer?

Hi All

Due to an ongoing health issue I am having to re-evaluate and tweak my grand life plan. I have been thinking about the possibility of being able to offer 1-1 training on some of the areas I have been trained in in the past, however I know I need to train, and be qualified/insured and then affiliated with an insurance company to be able to go ahead with this. I wonder if anyone has got any experience of this and if there are any ideas where I could possible start looking, doing some research to start the ball rolling at all. Thanks in advance. Hilary x
Michele Burton
May 23 2014 7:58PM
Hi Hillary,

Sorry to hear about your poor health :( To become a trainer of adults you will need to take the PTTLLS (Preparing to Train the Life Long Learning Sector) and have at least 2 years experience. I did Level 4, but Level 3 is fine. I did mine as an Edexel qualification but I know someone that did C & G's which was much easier. You can google on line as there are more choices now than when I did mine. You can even do courses on line with just a practical event, however this could be hard without the support of face to face contact. good luck with it.

Hilary John
May 24 2014 9:47PM
Thank you so much Michele that is very helpful.

I am basically looking at all angles to make an informed choice and stay one step ahead of my own challenges!
I will google this and have a look. Thank you

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