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Posted by Judith Quin, Jul 3 2014 5:34PM

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July Sonic Meditaitons

Sound Circle Meditation dates for July:

Wednesday 9th 6:45-7:45pm

Wednesday 23rd 6:45-7:45pm

As usual I need to know numbers before the event so do tell me if you're planning to come.

YOGI TREE – East Greenwich
(close to East Greenwich Library & Westcombe Park Station)

ENTRANCE - on Denham St, press 193 on the big metal gate to car park, walk through car park to entrance on right with plants

COST - as always it's a suggested donation of £10, but it's up to your discretion & pay what you think it's worth (there is a pot - I don't see who gives what)

Come and find an hour of stillness in a guided sonic meditation. Experience this beautifully simple ‘way-in’ to meditation and powerful self-healing.

If you find it hard to get a moment of quiet, find silent meditation challenging, or you find it hard to express yourself, this is a wonderful way of finding release from the mental noise that can restrict us all at times.

Sounding is not singing, there is no right or wrong note. The sound circle is a place to come together in a sonic meditation, using sound to physically change your cell-vibration to help let go of stress and holdings, to remember how to breathe and to find your true voice.

I start the meditation with a few exercises to connect breath to body, and breath & body to voice. Then I gently guide the group into making sound, using specific tones to open each chakra or energy centre.

Opening up the energy of the circle, we move into a chorus of ‘free sounding’; in which no one voice is heard, as each voice helps create the group sound. This frees voices, inviting in positive energy from Source, creating a safe, sacred, space where you can escape 'doing' and let yourself just 'be'.

Or, if you prefer, during the free sounding you can sit in silence and bathe in the sound vibration of the sonic pool.

The sounding either comes to its own natural conclusion, or is gradually led, back into silence ~ in which the group then sits, soaking in the still quietude of the energy created.

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