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Posted Jul 13 2014 9:20PM

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I was wondering if you do insurance to cover channeling and guided meditations?
I have done theta healing, various angel meditations, heart meditations and meditations in general.

However the channeling happens when I'm guiding people through their heart to connect with their most authentic self, where access to love can have a profound effect on peoples situations or blocks. I've noticed in this process I usually start channeling when they have trouble connecting to their heart, I've experienced channeling their guides, parents, angels, a friend who's passed or their power animals.

I haven't taken courses for this. What is the process to get insured for this?

I look forward to your response
Love and light
Jul 16 2014 1:07PM
Hi Waquefa,

We do give insurance. Do you have relevant qualification for your practice?

If you do please send the scans to:
Phone:0845 202 2941

Or you may call the number above to speak to our experts.



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