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Posted by Jane Hopwood, Aug 24 2014 11:50AM

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Does anyone run a referral award scheme and how does yours work? I need some new clients and this has been suggested to me. Help please.
Kind regards Jane
Catherine Hunt
Aug 26 2014 11:22AM
Hi Jane

I do. Informal at the moment with colleagues, however I'm extending it this year. There are also referral systems you can sign up to however, I find word of mouth from trusted sources far more effective for supporting clients.

Drop your details to and I'll keep you posted. Working on it this Autumn/Winter so your post is very timely.

Hope to speak to you soon

Jane Hopwood
Aug 27 2014 6:22AM
Thanks - I was thinking of some referral scheme where clients get rewarded for referrals booked. Best wishes
Amanda Clegg
Sep 8 2014 1:36PM
I offer the referring person a freebie when the person they referred makes a second or third booking. Seems to work quite well.
Judith Quin
Nov 23 2014 2:15PM
I know you posted this ages ago and I hope it's working out for you - I offer my clients £5 off their next treatment when a referral books an appointment with me.

It might not seem like much - but they always forget & when they've recommended me & a friend books and at the end of their next treatment I say "Don't forget to take the £5 off because 'Chris' booked" they're always pleasantly surprised!

It happened again this morning and £115 instead of £120 (Husband & Wife tag team!) doesn't kill me and put a smile on my Client's face.



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