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Posted Aug 29 2014 2:54PM

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Deep Tissue Massage after Plastic Surgery

a client of mine has approached to work on certain areas of her post-plastic surgery. Apparently the surgeon has recommended deep tissue massage to help avoid any scar tissue below the skin and keep the tissue areas smooth with no swollen areas.
I am happy to do this and her scars are healing well, but am I covered for this or should I do a disclaimer? do you have any draft disclaimer forms you can send me if you do advise I have her sign one?
many thanks,
Amanda Clegg
Sep 9 2014 5:32PM
I wouldn't recommend DT as it might be a bit drastic (and painful). The way to go is myofascial release - try and find someone who trained with Jing in Brighton - we do a lot of work on scarring on their courses and it's REALLY effective!

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