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Posted Sep 17 2014 2:33PM

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Blending aromatherapy oils but not qualified....

As an ITEC holistic massage qualified therapist i have had no training in aromatherapy but wondered if i am allowed to blend aromatherapy oils with base oils to use with clients?
Henry Watson
Sep 20 2014 7:15AM
As a general principle, I would say that "If you are not properly trained or qualified to do something, you should NOT do it for any customer" It might even be that, by operating beyond your scope of practise, you are not covered by your insurance.
Pamela Bracken
Nov 24 2014 10:53AM
If you are a therapist and want to blend oils for clients but are not qualified then the answer is No.
Essential oils are very potent and have medicinal properties e.g. analgesic, antiseptic, antiviral, emmegogic. Some oils raise blood pressure, others lower it, some are contraindicated with certain medicines, ailments etc. Some can burn the skin if exposed to sunlight. Great care has to be taken when preparing blends and doseages (number of drops).If you are drawn to using the essential oils it is well worth doing an ITEC quaification in Aromatherapy. There is extensive research freely available now to support the use of essential oils.

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