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Posted Sep 26 2014 11:54AM

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reflexology and lafuma chairs

I am qualified in reflexology and am setting up to go mobile. Research has guided me towards the lafuma chairs for my mobile reflexology work. Lafuma reclining chairs are padded or meshed. Which is most durable, bearing in mind cleaning them down. i.e. is the meshed more hygienic and is the comfort sufficient for clients as I presume the padded recliner would be more comfortable but yet possible prone to more staining with body sweat. As you can see I have researched and now in a muddle which too choose so I would appreciate advise from reflexologists who have used these recliners.

Many Thanks

Mary Rynn
Kelly Judd
Sep 29 2014 1:29PM

I doubt there is much in them really. I'd go for what suits your budget. I use a couch cover over mine, or you can buy a Lafuma cover for about £25(??) failing that you could just use couch roll. If you use some form of cover you will get around the hygene aspect.

The only thing I have found with mine is that sometimes I need to use a bolster/pillow under the ankles to raise the feet.

Good luck.

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