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Posted by Cherry O'Sullivan, Oct 1 2014 5:21PM

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Treatment room rent

Hi there,

What's a reasonable price to pay to rent a treatment room in a gym in South London/Surrey? Unfurnished or furnished.

Any advice greatly received!


Mukti Rahman
Oct 1 2014 5:29PM
Hello Cherry,

rent depends on what facilities are provided, room decor, equipments, space, time and days. empty space should not cost more than £60-80 weekly. Fully equipped room varies £100- £150.
Cherry O'Sullivan
Oct 1 2014 5:40PM
Thanks! I'm thinking of exclusive use, so a weekly/monthly rental.
Mukti Rahman
Oct 1 2014 7:51PM
It should not go more than £800 in a month. Weekly rent is always higher than monthly. Even hourly rent is higher than weekly. This is from my personal experience.

Recently I rent in an empty therapy room in Limehouse East London and doesn't cost me much. Whereas I used to pay hourly £12 somewhere in my local area. Again for 3 days in a week £100 and that was not up to dated therapy room. The present room allow me to décor interior and install modern electrical appliance for my own need what are essential for the present beauty business.

I wish you will get some exclusive therapy room soon.

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