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Posted by Neville Dalton, Oct 14 2014 9:56PM

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Shin splints

I have had a request (via e-mail) for a massage treatment for shin-splints. It seems the term covers quite a few conditions, so I have asked for more details.

The client does say she has been told it is muscle-related and that massage would help.

I've asked her to confirm she has been assured there is no stress fracture, but I would welcome practitioners' views on whether/how to treat, subject to the response I receive to my questions.

I'm an experienced Swedish massage therapist, but I have no specific sports massage qualification.

Thank you.
Nicki Lee
Oct 14 2014 10:42PM
It's good that you've asked for more information because you are absolutely right - although shin splints *should* be a specific diagnosis and condition, many people use it as a general term for shin pain!

You might also ask her who exactly told her it was shin splints. Your approach will be very different if it was her doctor, her sports coach, her mother, her friend who 'had the same thing' or .... well, you get the idea.

If anyone but a doctor you should do your own assessment (well, you should anyway) and if unsure treat conservatively. I would just be aware of the symptoms of compartment syndrome.
Angela Rawlins
Oct 15 2014 7:44AM
Yes, I agree with Nicki. Also, keep deep vein thrombosis in mind. So long as they have been diagnosed by their GP.
Neville Dalton
Oct 15 2014 10:08AM
Thanks, as always, for your helpful replies, Niiki and Angela.
Yes, I did also ask who made the diagnosis.

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