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Posted Oct 23 2014 10:32PM

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Sports therapy v sports massage

I am a Swedish massage therapist and would like to progress into the field of sports. I'm struggling to decide whether I should study sports massage or sports therapy, what is the difference? Is one greater recognised than the other ?
Many thanks
Nov 4 2014 9:41AM

Thanks for your message.

I would suggest Sports Massage Therapy Level 4.

Kind Regards,
Cherry O'Sullivan
Jan 15 2015 7:16PM
A Sports Therapist (at degree level, not sure about level 4) can diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate musculoskeletal injuries. As part of their training, they will also get a sports massage qualification.

A Sports Massage Therapist can only massage, and will have limited knowledge about sports injuries and the physiology involved in tissue healing.

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