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Posted by Sarah Chandler, Nov 4 2014 12:21PM

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Redesigning websites

Hiya all - just wondering if anyone has heard of a company called Physio 123 who has recently sent me an email with regards to redesigning my website -
I contacted them and ask how they would improve my website - their reply was very convincing stating that they would :
(1) Add your all contact details to the header of all pages of your website
(2) Include more content/pages about the services you provide and the conditions you treat
(3) Add a ‘call-to-action’ below the content on every page
(4) Improve the coding of your website so it is optimised for search engines
(5) Include more relevant images throughout the site.
(6)Improve the overall look and feel of your website and most importantly generate alot more clients.
Their redesign and support of website (for 6 months) will be free of charge - after 6 months there will be charge of £39 per month. Has anyone else used this company - I dont want to waste my money on a redesign etc
Id appreciate your comments and if anyone can help me improve my website at a better price, I look forward to hearing from you
Amanda Clegg
Nov 4 2014 1:32PM
That's a HUGE charge! Especially when you can diy for free using wordpress. You only need to pay for the web address and a nominal amount for hosting from GoDaddy. Lyn Thurman is a very reasonably prices savvy virtual office with heaps of experience who will be able to help and advise and get you started -
Sarah Chandler
Nov 4 2014 2:04PM
thanks amanda - I will contact her
Rosemary Pharo
Nov 4 2014 4:01PM
Agree the charge is huge for the service. You could look at the advice Marek Duchnowski gives, who came and talked at the meeting on September 21st. I think he said they don't design so much anymore but offer advice. If you do contact him, mention CTha
Kate Frederick
Feb 6 2015 1:52PM are very good and very very reasonably priced!

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