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Posted by Deborah Sheppard, Nov 4 2014 4:49PM

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Rape seed oil

What is your opinion of rapeseed oil? I have read some articles that say how wonderful it is, but I also read a worrying one that said that some kinds of it contain toxins. I would be interested to hear what people think about it, and if relevant, your experiences of using it.


Catherine Hunt
Nov 5 2014 10:41AM
Hi there

Never used it myself, not one that i have thought of.
Bought some Sesame Oil as an alternative for clients who are pregnant or have allergies. Lovely oil to work with, must read up about the properties.

And i guess different reports can focus in on different qualities. Is it that some oils are toxic in relation to how they are processed? Can you purchase bio dynamically produced oils instead?

More research needed, keep me posted

best wishes


Local Coordinator South Lakes/Cumbria
Deborah Sheppard
Nov 5 2014 2:05PM
Thanks Catherine; I'll let you know if I found out anything more substantial!

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