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Posted by Rachael Crow, Mar 1 2007 8:12PM

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Women’s Summer Solstice Celebration! Bristol

Women’s Summer Solstice Celebration!

Join me and a group of women in celebrating the summer solstice with a day of touching nature, creativity, singing, movement, visualisation, stories and honouring one another.

Saturday June 23rd (book before May 31st)
St Werburghs, Bristol
£50 per woman
payment covers hire of a beautiful space – in nature, workshop materials, refreshments and chocolate!

Call Rachael to book 9245040

Summer Solstice Celebration - embracing the creative energy of the sun. We will use song, visualisation and art to connect within. There will be glitter and sparkle, laughter and chocolate! We will explore where we are and where we want to be on our journey of life, what is holding us back, and how can we break though and transform them. We will rewrite our futures and honour ourselves as women!

Contact Rachael for further info or to book 9245040

At Wise Women’s Workshops we offer unique healing spaces for women
The sessions will be facilitated by me, Rachael Hertogs-I have worked with many inspiring wonderful women in my life. I am a mother of teens, an artist, Reiki Teacher and workshop facilitator. I have been on a path of transformation since my late teens, practicing meditation, yoga and reiki. I am dedicated to my own journey of self growth and to supporting women on theirs. I use writing, art, chanting, movement, silence, visualisation and ceremony to help heal and transform. I endeavour to create safe, warm and inspiring spaces for people to celebrate themselves and each other.

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