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Posted by Aleksandra Jawulska, Jan 8 2015 4:05PM

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Reflexology course search

Hello everyone,

I'm looking to take a reflexology course in London, that is affordable, thorough and part-time to fit around a part-time work schedule. I realise it's a lot, hopefully someone has found or done a course they can recommend.
I'm already practicing massage and really want to move more into eastern techniques, so would like to use the skills in existing body treatments as well as the basis for reflexology treatments that I can build upon the knowledge for.

All help is much appreciated

Mariette Lobo
Jan 8 2015 4:14PM
I would recommend the Bayly School professional practitioner course taught by Nicola Hall (who trained with Doreen Bayly). You'll find further information on their website.
Aleksandra Jawulska
Jan 8 2015 4:16PM
I'll look into that, thanks very much for the quick response and recommendation.
Jan 8 2015 4:19PM
Dear Aleksandra,

Thanks for your message.

Please follow the link to ITEC Complementary Therapy Courses.
There are quite a few part- time courses you can enrol to.

Or you can find a centre in United Kingdom who offer Reflexology courses and request for their enrolment brochures.
Here's the link on ITEC website:

Hope this has helped.

Mariette Lobo
Jan 8 2015 6:11PM
Hmmm....interesting! I do question the ethics of an "independent" professional membership body (CThA) recommending it's sister organisation's courses (ITEC) to members. This link between CThA and ITEC has never sat comfortably with me. I'm not aware of any other "independent" professional membership body that has it's own training arm and/or vice versa.

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