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Posted by Catherine Hunt, Jan 19 2015 10:50AM

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Advice with Popping Ears


A client of mine has had treatment from the GP, next thing ear syringing, although she is not convinced this will work so would like to hear from anyone who has experience and advice to help.

She has cleared any infection with antibiotics and has been left with that popping sensation you get when on a plane. The issue transpired from many flights in a short time during a 3 week trip to South America.

I have only seen her once while she was on holiday and would like to be referred to someone closer to her home in Reading.

Many thanks

Local Coordinator - Cumbria
Lauraine Paterson
Jan 19 2015 3:12PM
Has she tried Hopi Ear Candling?
If there is no infection in her ears, they are very effective at bringing balance back where it is lost.
I always end this treatment with a relaxing sinus drainage massage.
Catherine Hunt
Jan 20 2015 12:02PM
Thank you. I suggested that. Sure it ll help.

Best wishes

Angela Rawlins
Jan 23 2015 3:02PM
I have many years experience with ear problem and I am a Thermo-Auricular therapist Hopi candles)
Frequent flyers can suffer pressure problems, stringing in not always helpful. I give a specialised head massage with candles afterwards, I finds treatments
Very effective.

Angela Rawlins
Three Counties Boarder Group
Angela Rawlins
Jan 23 2015 3:03PM
Angela Rawlins
Jan 23 2015 3:05PM
Ps I trained with Sue Maunsell and use an otoscope to examine the ear condition
Catherine Hunt
Jan 23 2015 6:42PM
Thank you. Very helpful, I think that is the way to go

Jo Spaczynska
Mar 4 2016 10:26PM
I do Hopi Ear Candling and I am also a CranioSacral Therapist. CST could be the way to go. When I do the candling I finish the session with CST as I feel they go well together.

peace and joy


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