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Posted Jan 25 2015 4:46PM

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home insurance

i want to work from home seeing clients in my house which was a downstairs spare bedroom. How can i find home insurance that will let me do this.

there are millions of people esp therapists who do this part time from their home and i cant find a single home insurance cover that allows it.
so how does everyone insure their homes?

Jan 26 2015 9:36AM

Thanks for sending your message.

All the information related to insurance can be found through the following link:

Hope this has helped.

Amanda Clegg
Jan 29 2015 12:02AM
\My home insurance does charge an extra premium to cover the (unlikely) event of a client tripping on a step or scuffed carpet (even tho I don't have any scuffed carpet) while going into another part of the house eg the loo. I claim this back on my expenses.
Angela Rawlins
Apr 13 2015 4:47PM

I thought my CThA insurance covered public liability
Amanda Clegg
Apr 13 2015 5:57PM
it covers PL as far as your role as a therapist goes. it does not cover you if someone trips going to the loo in your house! It also means that there are strangers in your house so there is a security implication. i had a long conversation with Direct Line who were very helpful, and although I do pay an additional premium, it isn't much and it is fully tax deductible.
Amanda Clegg
Apr 13 2015 5:59PM
Sorry, I'm repeating myself. Its the difference between public liablity that is attached to you as a person, and the PL to do with your premises - which is why one is advised to tell windowcleaners etc that they are not covered by your insurance and therefore go up their ladders at their own risk.

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