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Posted by Sophie Le Tollec, Jan 30 2015 5:18PM

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Free event, Edinburgh, 8th February, discover DARE, a new Emotional release technique

Something new
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What practitioners and clients are looking for…
DARE ONE DAY is a free event

Come along to the one day introduction to DARE, a new emotional release technique.

Sunday 8th February Edinburgh Capital Hotel, EH12 6UG
Times: 10.30 – 4.30

Are you fed up with old ways of looking for answers? Joy will talk about new radical approaches to issues under the whole health & well-being spectrum including emotional issues, post-traumatic-stress, disorders, etc

Dissolve & Resolve Emotions (DARE) gives the bigger picture and overview of this new therapy.
DARE is a radical and new approach to wellbeing and health issues a whole health system approach. Clinical Techniques that deal with all aspects, Emotional, Physical, Mental, Energetic and Spiritual. A combination approach of clinical practices blended with healing on a core level.

DARE is not regression or hypnotherapy but works with the individuals psyche. DARE works effectively and incorporates a fast pace of clearing. For instance one client had received 20 years of counselling and with just 2 sessions of DARE did not need any more counselling.

DARE - New approach to deal with Emotions, health and psychological disorders By Joy Wisdom Founder of Allonus.

Joy is a sought after inspirational speaker, visionary educator and Healer and awarded ‘Inspirational Woman of 2015’ via Aspire Magazine. A clinical practitioner in her own right with nearly two decades of clinical experience.

The one-day will explain a new vision that incorporates a blend of clinical practices, bodywork, sensory awareness, new ways to access psychological and emotional impacts at core depths, harnessing fast energetic improvements, maintaining cellular and hormonal stimulus.
We are more than physical; the physical is the outcome, present day situation, not necessarily the cause of ill health and lack in life. DARE finds the core reasons and give answers to bigger picture situations.

Interested? See you on 8th February in Edinburgh.
Please feel free to forward this message to anybody who might be interested.

Founder: One Generation Project - not for profit organisation
Want more information please Email:

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