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Posted by Frances Kelly, Feb 1 2015 3:52PM

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Re: Workshop 28th Feb


An email has been sent out regarding above workshop! please contact me if you have not received this as it has not been sent to my yahoo address so not everyone may get it!!

Thank you

Bernadette O'Neill
Feb 2 2015 5:08PM
Hi France's I did not receive email reds Bernadette
Claire Griffiths
Feb 8 2015 11:42PM
Hello Frances, Could you just remind what the event on the 28th February is to be? I don't think I had an email about it. Thanks, Claire
Frances Kelly
Feb 9 2015 11:00AM
Hi all I beleive that you have not received an email regards to the workshop in Feb! I will look into why this is not happening.

Unfortunately the workshop will not go ahead as planned at City of Glasgow College due to this no longer being open on Sat mormings, venue will be given to those confiming their attendance.

Bernadette O'Neill
Feb 9 2015 11:33AM
Frances Hi, Just received an email with link to the forum, no details of meeting on 28th. Kind Regards Bernadette
Claire Griffiths
Feb 9 2015 11:00PM
Dear Francis, As I didn't receive the information about your workshop on the 28th I can't say if I wish to attend as I don't know what it is to be about. Please could you tell me the subject matter to be covered and then I will be able to decide whether I want to come along. I am free on the 28th Feb so I would love to attend if the course seems relevant. Thanks, Claire
Frances Kelly
Feb 10 2015 9:39PM
Hi again, please click the forums and under Announcements and Events you will see the information regards to the 28th Feb.......apologies for this not being sent via email as it should have done.

Frances Kelly
Feb 10 2015 9:43PM
It appears that if you go to members page and click on email for region the information for the 28th is there! again any problems with this please let me know.

Claire Griffiths
Feb 10 2015 11:21PM
Good heavens!!! I am simply going round and round in a loop of no information. I have looked at and clicked on everything I think might be useful and am STILL no wiser about the topic of the Workshop on the 28th. AARG!! I can see there was something on the 8th of February but I am going to have to admit defeat about the 28th. Sorry Frances, I tried -but am obviously not meant to be coming along to this event - whatever it is. I am keen to take part in a workshop soon as I want to keep in touch with folk and earn a few CPD points so please keep me informed of future events. Hopefully they'll not be quite as shrouded in mystery as this one is. Thanks, Claire.

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