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Posted by Sophie Le Tollec, Feb 24 2015 5:02PM

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Free evening talk about New unique therapy for the Aquarian age - 1st March - Edinburgh

Hi there,

Get a chance to meet in person Joy Wisdom : a sought after inspirational speaker, visionary educator and Healer and awarded ‘Inspirational Woman of 2015’ via Aspire Magazine. A clinical practitioner in her own right with nearly two decades of clinical experience.

Joy will talk about DARE, a blend of unique and radical Clinical, psychological, emotional and energetic medicine practices for the 21st Centuary. Find out about this whole system approach instead of piece meal disappointments. DARE is a new unique therapy that incorporates a blend of clinical practices, bodywork, sensory awareness, new ways to access psychological and emotional impacts at core depths, harnessing fast energetic improvements, maintaining cellular and hormonal stimulus.
We are more than physical; the physical is the outcome, present day situation, not necessarily the cause of ill health and lack in life. DARE finds the core reasons and give answers to bigger picture situations.

Shoull you wish to attend this free evening talk with Joy Wisdom, founder of Allonus, on Sunday 1st March between 7 pm and 9 pm, please inform Joy you are attending by email

The free evening talk will start on sunday 1st March at 7pm and finish at 9 pm in Edinburgh Capital Hotel - EH12 6UG

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