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Posted Apr 1 2015 8:36AM

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reiki therapy

how reiki therapy is the delivered and what will be the effect on the cancer patient
Angela Rawlins
Apr 13 2015 4:39PM
Reiki healing energy is channeled by a Reiki practitioner. The recipient can either lay down or be sat for the treatment. They may feel heat or cold, or nothing at all, most feel very relaxed as if they have and a nap. My patients have said, that they can feel the heat from my hands and sometimes from me as I move around the table.

The practitioner does not have to touch the recipients body as Reiki can be given from a distance. Myself, I have my patient laying down if that is ok, I place my hands under the persons head for a short time, I place my hands on the shoulders lightly and then the rest of the treatment is from a small distance, perhaps ending with holding the feet. I find this is acceptable to people.

I have had a person in the past who suffered ovarian cancer, she would come every other week or sometimes once a week. She felt it supported her during chemo treatment and made it more bearable.

Reiki does no harm, does not interfere with a persons religious beliefs, we do not preach, just channel the Reiki healing energy for the persons well being.
Angela Rawlins
Apr 13 2015 4:42PM

I find it is a could idea to give Reiki Healing to a person suffering cancer just before the chemo as it helps decrease the sickness. Mainly, the person finds it very relaxing and may boost their energy.

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