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Posted by Elaine Elizabeth Evans, Apr 15 2015 1:35PM

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Does anyone have experience of advertising on GP appointment cards? I have been approached by a company on behalf of a local practice with approx 10000 patients. Is this likely to generate new business? Any ideas welcomed.
Jo Webb
Apr 15 2015 1:44PM
sounds unlikely to me GP practices are not keen to be seen as endorsing and there have been quite a few scams for leaflets in GP practices-see if you can find out more about their business
Diane Revelle
Apr 15 2015 2:00PM
I did this once, I had only one enquiry but it cost me quite a lot.
Proceed with caution.
Good luck:-)
Sue Hannaford
Apr 15 2015 2:01PM
This is likely to be the old con - been doing the rounds for years. They ARE produced and may even be delivered to the GPs .... but they don't use them. Ask yourself how often you have been given an appointment card?! I wouldn't waste my money - and know other therapists who wished they hadn't. If you are going to advertise at all - look at advertising in a good local freebie newspaper for example. However the two best ways I know to get clients is from other happy clients and my website. Hope that helps.

Elaine Elizabeth Evans
Apr 15 2015 2:35PM
Thank you for your advice, I was a bit sceptical about it. Will stick with what I have been doing.
Amanda Clegg
Apr 15 2015 4:52PM
Similar one tried to convince me years ago that a leaflet was put in every prescription bag at my local chemist, but luckily I know my local chemist and she'd never heard of them, nor would be able to put other than the drugs in the bag!
Angela Rawlins
Apr 15 2015 11:07PM
Do t do it! I did years ago cost me dear and got nothing. I've written on the forums some where before about this. Total scam
Angela Rawlins
Apr 15 2015 11:08PM
Yes, heard of the prescription bag one also!
Elaine Elizabeth Evans
Apr 16 2015 6:18PM
Thanks for taking the time to reply

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