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Posted by Rosemary Pharo, Sep 14 2015 4:54PM

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What is a Sound Circle?

In advance of our Bromley networking this Thursday 17th September at 7pm, here's an introduction to Judith Quinn's Sound Circle:

"Have you ever found it challenging to meditate. Has 'clearing you mind' or sitting in silence been more of a task than a release? Come and learn a simple way-in to silence and stillness, through sonic meditation. It is a beautifully simple and powerful healing and expression of self.

Sounding is not singing, there is no right or wrong note. In the sound circle you can learn to use sound to help let go of stress and holdings, to remember how to breathe and to find your true voice.

Judith will gently guide the group into making sound, gradually opening up into a chorus of free sounding. The sounding either comes to its own natural conclusion, or is gradually led, back into silence ~ in which the group then sits, soaking in the vibrant silence of the energy created.

Sound is a powerful healing tool, do not be surprised if you have an emotional response to making sound, it is nothing unusual."

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