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Posted by Clio Gayton, Oct 21 2015 8:37PM

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Mobile Massage

Hi everyone,

I've got a question about mobile massage. I've been working for a company for about amonth and half, and the work has been quite steady up until now, however it's started to go really quiet all of a sudden.

Just wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience, if so how long did it take for you to start making regular money?

Elayne Hibbert
Oct 22 2015 6:38PM
I am a little unclear if you are working via an agency doing your chair massage or directly for the company.

If for an agency join more that one agency.

If you are working directly for the company who is covering costs for the chair massage ie the company or is the clients/employees or is it half and half company and employees. If employees only paying can be tricky and decreases the chances that it will continue long term. Not in all cases.

How long though depends on so many things. Over the years I heard therapists saying it took them years to build a business and others six to twelve months. Depends on your skills, marketing, networking etc.

I looked on UK Natural Therapies page website and I found 500 therapists in my local area a lone doing massage, this does not even included all the clinics etc. Competition... You can still definitely make a living...

Good Luck

Clio Gayton
Oct 22 2015 10:50PM
Thanks for your advice. I'm working for agency. it's not chair massage it's full body, but it's mobile so I got people's houses or hotels. I do chair massage, bjut that's for a different company. It just seems a bit up and down.
Elayne Hibbert
Oct 23 2015 4:34PM

Yes it can be up and down. There are lulls like I mentioned. Towards Xmas should pick up but then in to the New Year you may get another gap. This is why some therapists only do massage part-time and have a steady job in the meantime.

Nevertheless, probably best to sign up with more agencies is my advice if that agency is not always getting you jobs. Or finding your own massage work. You can sign up to indeed alert via e-mail. Sends you details about companies looking for massage therapists - you apply with CV.

It sounds like you wanting something that is regular - some agencies do find you jobs ie with the chair work - that are once a week, forth-nightly, monthly ect. This all depends on the agency. Also some therapists with their own companies may want to off set work either cover for sickness and holidays, need more therapists for larger jobs etc and even hand you over the job ie chair massage obviously once they know you and trust.

Connecting and working with other therapists has helped me to find massage work.

Plus charitable or event work can lead to steady work.

You must be very pro-active ie social media etc.

Networking with therapists and like minded people. Marketing non stop... this is a skill that we are often not taught when we study massage. It needs to be part of our training I think.

Stay positive and keep your spirits up.

Good luck
Best wishes
Clio Gayton
Oct 23 2015 4:58PM
Hi Elayne,

Thanks so much for your advice. I will sign up to indeed. I'm just worried that if I sign up to too many agencies, I won't have a lot of free time, as you have to be ready within an hour's notice. I'll start looking for Networking events for therapists again. There were some on Meetup,but the one wanted to go to is no longer running. I do have another job that I can go back to for a few months.

Again, thanks for being so helpful.


Elayne Hibbert
Oct 24 2015 4:02PM

Glad could help

CThA have local groups
Meet ups website (free to sign up)have lots of health/massage/business etc meet ups or start your own...
Linkedin website (free to sign up) connect to other professionals
Social media promote yourself free goggle, FB, Twitter and others
Cards, website, advertising, charity, events etc.

Be pro-active in your searches

You cannot wait on an agency that is not providing you with enough work.

Best wishes

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