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Posted by Kim Ferrand, Dec 13 2015 5:33PM

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Possible contraindication

I've been advised by my client that their daughter has chickenpox, both parents have appointments with me tomorrow, would it be safe for me to treat them without there being a risk to my other clients or myself?


Amanda Clegg
Dec 13 2015 7:59PM
If you have had CP then you will have immunity, as will they if they have had it in the past - but not from shingles. However, as long as you are not treating any pregnant women, and you observe full and proper hygiene routine - including wiping down door handles etc and changing your clothes. I would have thought you will be ok,. you may want to also do the laundry at a hotter temp - 60 degrees. The risk is probably less than things like supermarket trolleys, handrails and even coins, which are handled by all and never washed.
Kim Ferrand
Dec 13 2015 8:07PM
Thanks Amanda, you've confirmed my thoughts exactly but we've decided to postpone it for a few days just in case.

Kind regards

Nicki Lee
Dec 14 2015 4:09PM
This is a tricky one. Apparently the virus can remain on clothing, toys etc ( so my concern would be that the parent might be carrying it, and although it's probably not hugely likely, if it were on their clothing, then they sat on a chair in your office, and the next person sat on it.....

I'm not sure what I would do, to be honest, but it's always good to think of these possibilities in advance, instead of having to 'think on your feet' and make a decision as you had to do. I agree you're probably safe in seeing them, but having had the luxury of weighing it up in a hypothetical situation, I think I would ask parents to wait for the contagious period to be over, as suggested on the NHS site for flying, etc.

I know the parents are out in the world anyway, in many situations, but since we deal so intimately with people and are working in the health field, it doesn't hurt to take the extra precautions.
Kim Ferrand
Dec 14 2015 5:01PM
Thanks Nicki for your thoughts, we've decided to err on the cautious side and wait till the end of the week to review.


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