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Posted by Jason Ellis, Jan 26 2016 6:07PM

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Ankle swelling

Brain picking time folks.

I have a client presenting with a swollen right ankle the swelling is more on the inner/medial part. She is otherwise a healthy 32 year old albeit one who is slightly overweight and does not exercise. She broke the ankle 2 years ago and was treated "successfully". She experiences very little pain and it is not painful to touch or rotate, she also has a good range of motion comparable with her left ankle. The swelling was quite significant at least twice the size of the other ankle. She says that it is permanently as swollen as that, however on days spent walking more than usual the ankle swells even more.
Although the condition presents her with minimal discomfort or pain she obviously would like this corrected before it possibly does; plus she says she looks odd wearing high heeled shoes.

Any ideas or suggestions welcome.

Thanks in advance - Jay.
Andreea Ivanov
Feb 7 2016 12:33PM
Hi there,
She should try manual lymphatic drainage.
Jason Ellis
Feb 9 2016 6:58PM
Thanks for the reply Andrea. I forgot to post that she had tried LD with no positive outcome. I have since advised her to revisit her GP with a view to speaking with a fracture/break specialist.

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