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Posted by Kate Onyett, Jun 14 2005 11:02PM

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Marketing and Agencies

I am collating information on ideas for marketing services as a free lancing masseuse, and also what massage agencies, especially corporate massage, would others recommend to try or avoid?

All comments and ideas gratefully accepted.


Catherine Hunt
Jul 25 2005 11:13PM
Hi there

I've worked for a company called Sense Massage and would recommend them, although I haven't got a lot of work out of them they are very professional and just lovely people. I myself in Bristol am setting up an agencies, early days yet and a bit like chicken and the old egg, which comes first, clients or therapists.

You could contact me direct at and if I get any work I'll refer it your way. One thing I do greatly believe in is that we are colleagues, not competitors and if there is work out there then share. No dead ends, keep that energy flowing and I know we will get an industry forming as in the US and Australia.

all the best

Catherine Hunt
Jul 25 2005 11:14PM
And that should have read, 'no dead ends, we will form an industry as in the US and Australia. All the best'
but this website keeps breaking up!!!
Gillian Kenyon
May 16 2008 3:27PM
The H Club is a coalition of independent practitioners who have taken marketing into their own hands.

We focus exclusively on the target Health and Wellbeing marketplace.

Over the last 7/8 years we have built a network of excellent work agency and corporate services partnerships.

If you want to know more about us, visit

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