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Posted by Lorraine Prescott, Apr 12 2007 7:57PM

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I'm definitely in agreement for an all encompassing regulatory body as it should make listings/finding a therapist/ensuring the professionalim of that therapist easier, especially for multi-therapy therapists such as myself. I read in the Spring Embody about the discussions as to costs and I personally would find it disheartening if there were to be a high price tag for belonging to the NVR and that those with multi-therapies were paying more because they have more therapies to offer clients and could possibly prevent therapists studying in other areas due to regulation and membership costs as a result of qualifying in a different therapy field. We already have membership costs for organisations, as well as insurance costs and the continuation of gaining CPD points which would often involve attending workshops/courses, etc. A lot of therapists practice part-time or do not have the client base, and therefore do not have the income to continually be paying out for membership to various organisational bodies.

The cost is my only area of concern as otherwise I'm in agreement of an overseeing body to ensure the standard of therapists continues to be high and would hopefully prove to the medical profession as well as the public that therapies can work alongside conventional medicine to the benefit of all.

Many thanks

Lorraine Prescott

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