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Posted by Penelope Quaile-Pearce, Mar 3 2016 11:12PM

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Breath4Life™ Breath Work Taster Sessions

Breathing is so natural we hardly ever think about it! Have you ever wondered if you’re doing it right?

If you would you like to learn how to achieve more happiness, love and understanding this is a great workshop to attend. It is a taster day which will help you decide whether you have found a tool which will help you change your life for the better...with a bigger, brighter view.

The Breath4Life™ Breath Work Taster Day allows you to experience this amazing tool at a fraction of the normal cost, which will enable you to gain an insight as to whether this tool will be helpful in your life.
Who is this workshop for?

This taster day is perfect for

People who are new to, but interested in self-development and learning more about the power of breath.
People who are interested and committed to explore their own self - development and really want to make changes in their life.
Therapists who want to experience and learn about a process that will help and support them in their own self-development and client base

This taster day is not good for

People who don’t really want to change or gain more clarity.
People who don’t really believe that thoughts create things
People who want a quick fix and are not willing to put in any personal effort

What is Breath4Life™ Breath Work?

You will experience a Breath4Life™ Breath Work group session, which is a simple breathing technique, which is gentle, safe and easy, aiming to clear physical, mental and emotional blocks and suppressions. It is a powerful yet simple technique, which can transform the quality of your life. If you have suppressions of guilt or anger, which are so widely spread in our society today, you may experience frequent, upset, irritation, frustration and possibly even physical disease. You may find yourself taking that anger out on someone you truly love, like your friend, lover or child, when what you really want to experience with that person is love and joy. A typical reaction when something like that happens is to wonder, "What came over me?” not realising that you have tapped into a suppressed emotion, which takes control of your behaviour. Breath4Life™ Breath Work can help release any negative emotion and allow you to experience a new sense of freedom and well being.

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