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Posted by Joanne Thorp, Mar 16 2016 5:02PM

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Massage therapy for client with stent for kidney stones?

Hi, I have a client who has a stent in place for kidney stones? I am just airing on the side of caution but would like to know if it is ok to go ahead and massage? I have done research and read the pressure can be light and no pressure? I just want to confirm I am advising the client right and it is ok or not to treat? Thank you
Maureen Abson
Mar 24 2016 11:18AM
Hi, do you know how long s/he has had the stent in? They are most often put in for around 3 months post surgical in which case it might be too soon to be massaging depending when they had their surgery or there might be something else that warrants a few more questions being asked around why its there.
Joanne Thorp
May 1 2016 4:32PM
Hi thank you for your reply. I have decided not to treat the client while they have the stent in place. They are waiting for hospital appointment and until then they have to have the stent in place this could be weeks or a couple more months..
Alina Tolloczko
Jun 17 2016 9:41AM
Joanne, maybe you could do gentle foot and shoulders,neck and head massage? Depending on their condition.

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