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Posted by Dawn Bradley, Apr 5 2016 10:06AM

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Face cradle towel arrangement

Can anyone tell me how they wrap or lay their towel around their massage couch face cradle so that it lays flat?
I'm working at a spa and how we wrap and tuck the towel leaves the towel gathered, and the client with a crumpled face!
Any description and/or photos would be very much appreciated.
Nicki Lee
Apr 5 2016 12:27PM
Hi Dawn!
If they are available, I think pillow cases work better than small towels for a softer, less crumpled feeling.

I usually use shaped face covers, but when I do use a towel or pillow case, to be honest I'm more concerned with how it feels. So I just lay it over and then push it through so there is a large amount of air below so they can breath. Otherwise I would fold a small town into thirds lengthwise, lay it across the top of the cradle and then fold each side down so it will cover the cheeks.

If this doesn't make sense I'll do one and take some photos!

Amanda Clegg
Apr 5 2016 3:35PM
My friend has a table with hole and used special crescent shaped cushions with zip covers. Probably a big outlay but bvery comfy.

I was taught to roll towel loosely, lay over the top edge of the hole, fold the sides down flat and straight and tuck the ends accross the bottom of the hole. I'll try to take a pic next time I have the couch up, if you let me have your email.
Amanda Clegg
Apr 5 2016 3:37PM
haha, just read Nicky's reply - looks like we were taught the same!
Marion Sutton
Apr 9 2016 10:42PM
I have used those disposable round hats and cut the middle to make a space to breath. You can also purchase disposable covers for face cradles from Ellisons Wholesale, quite a lot in a pack. You should be able to purchase online.

Marion Sutton, Leicester member
Dawn Bradley
Apr 15 2016 4:11PM
Thanks to you all for your replies.
At the spa I'm restricted to using only their towels on the face cradle.
You've reminded me of how I used to lay my towels at home, so thank you for that.
Henry Watson
Nov 7 2016 3:34PM
I fold a small 'hand' towel in three parallel to the long edge; then fold it twice at 45 degrees to the long axis to form a "U" shape which I then position around the face-hole. The same can be done with couch roll.
To cover a face cradle - I buy non-woven hair covers (in bulk so they cost pennies each) cut a hole in the middle and but them over a fitted-towel covered face cradle.
Hope these ideas are useful to some people.

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