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Posted by Michelle Herron, Apr 28 2007 5:48PM

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Inappropriate Behaviour within the Client/Therapist Relationship

I am currently doing some research on inappropriate behaviour within the client/therapist relationship and would like to assess if any members have had incidents wherein a client displayed innappropiate behaviour in a sexual context or had been asked to embark on a personal relationship i.e. had asked you to go on a date.

If so my focus of interest is how you dealt with the client; did you just terminate the client/therapist interaction - if so how or did you refer the client to another therapist as you felt that they had just misread the context of what a supportive relationship is, however they still would benefit from treatments? Additionally did you report this incidence to any professional body or receive peer support and do you feel that there is adequate information on how to deal with this topic and if so how did you access this information?

Thank-you in advance for this feedback.
Bonita Upright
Apr 30 2007 7:48PM
Dear Michelle,
I have worked for 5 years as a massuess and had my first weird experience with a client. I felt the person in question was getting a sexual pleasure from the massage and I also felt he was at times trying to touch me. I continued the treatment and said nothing because like most sexual harrassment it was done in a way which could be interpreted as acceptable behaviour and was subtle. I didnt feel threatened as my husband was at home but It did raise the issue for me that you are researching..who do you inform, how to warn other practitioners etc . I have chosen to say nothing at the time but now feel unsure about what I will do if he calls to book again, since he did not really DO anything it was more that I felt uncomfotable. I am more than happy to discuss this further with you as I am interested in this issue as it was of paramount importance in my work pre massage - I worked in addictions and mental health.

Kind Regards
Bonita McCarthy
Michelle Herron
Apr 30 2007 8:11PM
Hi Bonita

Thank-you for your response, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this issue with you further. My email is if you could provide me with your contact details and the most convenient times to reach you.


Angela Rawlins
May 7 2007 1:50PM

Although I do not do massage, I have a couple of friends who have had unsavory clients. One friend placed her ad in the yellow pages and had a call or two.

I feel that perhaps you should talk to your local policeman and see if there is a possibility the person concerned has anything on him - you never know. They may just record an incident just incase another therapist has had problems.

There is a chap around here in Berks who rings around regularly several therapists complaining of Agroraphobia and can't get out. He keeps you on the phone for quite awhile - some of my friends think he may not be quite right.
Joyce Laurie
May 9 2007 12:17AM
In my area there is a man who phones the numbers of new therapists that advertise in papers etc.

He claims to have a son with Learning disabilities who was trated succesfuly in the past (reduction in behaviour problems) and would the therapist take the son as client.

When the therapist expresses an interest he then goes on to say that due to behaviour problems the therapist many have to "sit on his son"'s not just comp therapists he phones, my friend has a beauticians and he is well known in the trade!!

I had already been warned about him prior to advertising so gave him short shrift when he phoned.

Just in case he ever contacts you.....


Angela Rawlins
May 9 2007 6:21PM

Perhaps its time someone informs the police, you just never know what may happen next! Perhaps people should try to do 1471 to get his number or try and extract it from him by saying you'll get back to him.

They probably would only caution him or keep him on record.
Joyce Laurie
May 9 2007 10:41PM
Aaahhhhh Angela he is well practiced. If you dial 1471 the number has been witheld.

If you try to get him to leave details he says he will just get back to whoever he is on the phone to.

I only guessed it was him after a couple of minutes of talking to him and that was only because I had been prewarned about him and got rid of very quickly.

I would imagine those who do not know of him would be led along for a while before twigging. He rarely phones more than twice (unless he has found someone gullible) and he never ever makes an appointment.

Saddo. He is "well known" in this area amongst therapists of all kinds.


Angela Rawlins
May 10 2007 8:19AM
Hi Joyce

I once had a nasty phone call - shakes you up. I couldn't quite believe what the bloke was saying, had to ask him to repeat it! Funny thing was, it was just as the kids came out of school. Now, wether it was a senior boy or an adult, I couldn't say.

Well, I phoned hubby, who said to telephone the police. The policeman was very sympathetic, told me to get myself a sports whistle!!

So, either 1) get him to keep repeating what he says - can't hear or 2) get a sports whistle and blow it HARD!!

I have a rather annoying brother, who does not lock his mobile phone and unfortunately as my name begins with A, he manages to press my number. Locking my land line for hours!! One day he had done this to my mobile - so I took said sports whistle and blew it hard - result -cut off - LOL
Ann Clark
Aug 16 2007 7:34PM
Hi Michelle
One of my Reiki students phoned me one day looking for advice. It was the man with the same story about the son needing sat on as he had learning difficulties.
This was in the Glasgow area. I told her to refuse treatment. For anyone reading this please turn down any treatment that you have doubts about. Consult your tutor or your professional body if in doubt.

Ann McGuinness
Angela Rawlins
Aug 17 2007 12:05PM

I think its about time this bloke is reported to the police! I know you have no name etc, I still think the police should be made aware of him. Sooner or later someone is going to get caught out. How about approaching a news paper and getting an article in the press about it?
Gillian Kenyon
May 16 2008 5:04PM
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