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Posted by Beatrice Jackson, May 3 2016 12:45PM

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Practioners experiences with the 2 for 1 Promotional Programme

Hi everyone

I am considering signing up for the 2 for 1 Promotional Programme with M&S etc and was wondering if anyone had any positive or negative experiences of this that they could share?

Many thanks

Sue Hannaford
May 4 2016 10:51AM
I did this about 15 years ago (probably!). I still have the occasional client from it - but really the people who respond will be those who are only interested in discounts and "cheap" treatments and aren't interested in a long term client relationship. I believe that we should value what we do so that our clients will too. I wouldn't do Groupon or other "offers" for the same reason. If you really want to do offers, do little one-offs? Perhaps 90 mins for the price of an hour til the end of the month, for example? This may have the benefit of getting clients to like the longer treatments(if that's what you'd like? You could have a condition that it isn't valid for evenings and weekends for example... (I'm usually booked up months in advance for those slots!).

Having looked at your profile - quals and experience, I don't think you should be discounting!!!!
Amanda Clegg
May 4 2016 5:10PM
I agree with Sue - never had any except those just wanting freebies - even on the 'bring a friend for free' ones. No rebookings (and I know it isn't me as I have a really good retention rate and clients who have been regulary for 15 years!) Also would not touch Groupon etc with a bargepole!

Best is, as Sue says, to advertise limited special offers - I do 'free mini facial' quite often, which gives me a good opportunity to showcase the NEals' Yard REmedies products that I also sell (so win-win!)

I do give vouchers for raffles etc, but these are always time-limited.
Amanda Clegg
May 4 2016 5:14PM
BTW, SO glad that someone else feels the same way as me about pan pipes and whale song: give me proper classical music anytime!
Beatrice Jackson
May 5 2016 4:40PM
Hi Sue and Amanda

Thanks for your comments and suggestions. The off-peak offers sound like a particularly good idea. I have just moved from London to Gloucestershire so am slowly building a new client base from scratch!

Best wishes


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