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Posted by Shelley Foster, Aug 12 2016 11:47PM

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Hopi Ear Candles

Just wondering if anyone uses anything other than Biosun? For example either from Hopi Direct or Seruman? Just wondering what your experiences of the different candles are. Biosun are so expensive and not that easy to get hold of...

Thanks in advance.

Kim Ferrand
Aug 13 2016 7:21AM
Hi Shelley

I use candles from HopiCandles4U and find them equally good and half the price. They're really helpful and have a quick delivery, they also discount them for therapists.


Kind regards

Sandra Thompson
Aug 13 2016 10:53AM
I am insured by the CTha and it stipulates that only candles with filters are covered on your insurance.
I would check your insurance regs before you change candles.
Have a lovely day
Kim Ferrand
Aug 13 2016 12:14PM
These also have filters 😊
Michael James Bond
Aug 13 2016 3:24PM
I use Revitalise candles from my local beauty supplier. Look like Biosun ones, have filters, slightly cheaper if you buy in larger quantities.
Shelley Foster
Aug 15 2016 12:23AM
Thanks everyone :) I will have look around and check my insurance.
Angela Rawlins
Aug 18 2016 9:34PM
We are only insured for Biosun candles, these are the only ones with a kite mark

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