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Posted by Barbara Raekson, Sep 19 2016 11:11AM

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massage for people living with cancer

I volunteer part-time as a touch therapist for a cancer support service in the south of Ireland. I'm booked in for a 3-day training course for 'Massage for People Living with Cancer' next month.
I was wondering if anyone here regularly works with cancer patients and has managed to get 'oncology massage' or similar added to their 'approved treatments' for their insurance?
Rosemary Pharo
Sep 19 2016 1:57PM
Hi Barbara
I don't know the answer to that question, however Is it a recognised CPD course? Is there an endorsement on your insurance that says you may not massage someone who has cancer? What is the legal situation in Eire? If not what is the benefit of adding it? It is probably more important to let people know that you have studied this as a CPD topic when working with people in this situation with touch therapies.
Barbara Raekson
Sep 19 2016 5:27PM
There is nothing in my insurance policy that excluded treating cancer patients, however, I couldn't find anything on the 'approved therapies' list either. I've sent them an inquiry and will see what happens.

My understanding was that I should only advertise services and treat clients with treatments forms that I'm a) trained in and b) insured for. On the other hand, I have been working as a volunteer with cancer patients for over a year now, so....

As for CIPD points, not sure as this isn't an officially listed course - we have someone coming in to do this course just for a group of volunteers. However, it is listed on the institute's website with 24 CE hours (that's in the US but they do also have a base in Scotland).

Anyway, we'll see what reply I receive.

Barbara Raekson
Sep 20 2016 11:06AM
I have just received confirmation from Holistic Insurances that they do cover this.
All sorted so, thanks.

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