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Posted by Bhavesh Joshi, Oct 7 2016 11:18AM

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Central & North London Group - 17th November 2016 Evening Talk - Don't Miss Out!

Following last weeks extremely enjoyable and successful meeting, we are pleased to announce that we have another evening planned which aims to inspire as well as provide information on different therapies. The sessions are designed to demonstrate practical skills as well as provide therapists with new knowledge so as to enhance their understanding and skills.

Date: Thursday 17th November,
Time: 7.00pm – 9.00pm (arrive by 6.45pm)
Venue: London School of Massage, 455 Caledonian Road, London N7 9BA
(1 stop from Kings Cross Station)

Cost: CThA Members £5.00 (non-members £6.00)


Please note that you need to book you place prior to arrival by going to:
Due to the busy nature of the event, NO PAYMENTS CAN BE TAKEN on the evening please.



Fertility Massage Therapy™ is a nourishing blend of intuitive and traditional modalities, that includes womb massage, pulsing, rebozo and visualisations; that when combined, brings harmony and balance to the Reproductive, Digestive and Sacral areas. On a much deeper and probably more important level, this unique therapy re-awakens and re-connects women to their bodies, especially their womb. With each element nurtured, Fertility is enhanced.

Although the name suggests that the focus is on fertility; this therapy benefits women at any stage of their reproductive life. A healthy, healed, fertile womb is a creative womb; one that gives life to babies.

Qi Treatment uses a combination of acupressure and sound. Acupressure works on the energy channels, using pressure to detect and open up any blockages. The sound is a breathing technique, used to transmit Qi or vital energy into your body. By combining the two techniques, practitioners can help to stimulate the circulation of Qi in the body, helping clients relieve pain, stress, fatigue, digestive problems and more.

This unique method to transmit Qi or vital energy using acupressure and sound has its origins in South Korea. It was first brought to the west 25 years ago.
During a Qi treatment, the practitioner works on the entire body using a combination of sound and acupressure to open energy blockages and stimulate the circulation of energy along the energy meridians. They use a natural breathing technique (a ‘ssshh‘ sound) to transmit Qi. This sound vibration carries energy more easily and deeply into the body than touch alone.


SIRPA’s approach focuses on actual recovery, rather than treating or managing the pain. It involves an educational, evidence-based and self-empowering approach to help individuals identify and acknowledge the underlying causes of their pain while also developing nerve pathways that allow a pain free, healthy life. Because the nerve pathways involved in chronic pain are reversible, full recovery is possible, irrespective of the pain’s severity or duration. Our treatment approach focuses on four main areas: Education, Emotions, Behaviour and Lifestyle. All of these play a significant role in not just enabling individuals to resolve chronic pain and other persistent conditions, but in becoming more stress resilient, emotionally intelligent and able to live a healthy, active life moving forwards.
Georgie Oldfield MCSP

We look forward to seeing you on the night.
Alison Cowan
Oct 7 2016 8:42PM
I would like to attend please. How do I pay?

Alison Cowan

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