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Posted by Mariette Lobo, May 21 2007 3:02PM

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Tayforth Alternative to Angel, July workshop

Here is the alternative to the Angel Workshop on Sat 28 July. The practitioner/course facilitator is Anne Ward (look up her website on It sounds terrific. However, we need a minimum of 10 in order to make it a viable course (it will cost £150 for the workshop from 10am to 3pm). Can I please have names of those who are interested in order to go ahead and book this tutor. As I said, I need a minimum of 10 (I'll be there so that makes another 9). Embody/CThA members will pay £12 and non-members £15.


"I propose a small workshop learning how to tone with our voices. The benefits of toning are very positive and supportive.

Toning will help to clear the practitioner’s personal energies
Toning will help to clear dense unhealthy energies in the healee
Toning will create clear, sacred, space around the practitioner
Toning will clear and release heavy energy in the practitioner and the environment
Toning creates uplifting angelic sounds and frequencies
Toning will enable the practitioner to connect through their intention and voice, with the energies of the natural world

We will also learn the sound signature of unconditional love. Whenever we have the sound signature we can use it to immediately create the feeling. And, time permitting, we will sing the song of the soul."

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