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Posted by Angela Rawlins, May 21 2007 6:21PM

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Web site information for Co-ordinators

Is is nearly the end of May and I was wondering when the information we used to get from Pat Terry will be available on the web?

How am I to find out about old,new members. Changes of address etc?

Chris Plumtree (Web Administrator)
May 23 2007 10:29AM
Hi All,

I can confirm that we are working on the process of creating a NEW members area solely for you as co-ordinators. This will enable you to update certain details which there will be a guide when it is all in place. Currently you can get address details from the local group website once you have logged in under your local group membership number. Once in this area if you select your group then you will see at the top of the page a link that says "click here to print mailing addresses." This is for any mailouts you with to produce by postal mailing. To contact members in your groups electronicall using your group's forum/message board then you can simple click "Post Message / Question" link and this will send the message to all members in your group.

Hope this answer's some of your queries.

Angela Rawlins
May 23 2007 3:32PM
Does that mean each and every member get an individual message or just that it posts a message on the forum? If it does not how do members who do not have email get the message other than me posting it out to them all?

Last time I did a mail shot there were more than 60 members on my list without email, very expensive. Luckily at that time I was re-imbursed.
Sam Bootle
May 29 2007 6:45PM
I have to say I do agree with Angela's comments - I do feel that we as co-ordinators have not had a great deal of support recently. I have sent out a recent newsletter to the 108 members of my group, which cost £30 to do. Now that we are not getting our expenses reimbursed and that the money has to come out of the 'group kitty', I think there will come a point quite soon when we will struggle.
I had no idea that there is a co-ordinator log in for each group, no-one has ever told me that! Would have been handy!
It is only because our previous co-ordinator received a message notifying her that Angela had posted something on the forum, which she then forwarded to me via email that I am any the wiser!

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