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Posted by Nicola Hastings, Dec 29 2016 3:11PM

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Reiki for someone with MRSA

I've been treating a lady in hospital who has recently had a stroke. However, she has now contracted MRSA and I have been asked to give her another reiki treatment. I will have to wear gloves and apron etc... I do really want to help as she is in desperate need but also feel a little nervous as MRSA is infectious. I would appreciate anyone's thoughts on whether they would go ahead with it? Thank you.
Amanda Clegg
Dec 29 2016 7:01PM
Hi Nicola

Poor lady - she needs all the help available. I would certainly have no qualms treating her, and, having used gloves when I had a cut hand, my clients assured me they couldn't tell which hand it was on, and that was body massage!

Provided you observe normal infection control measures, and do not yourself have any open wounds, you will be fine. Obviously use gloves and apron, which should be disposed of in the hospital refuse provided, as well as thorough hand/arm washing before and after with hot water & soap. Do not rely on the nasty alcohol rubs alone. I presume also that your cream is in a pump or squeezy bottle, so you are not dipping into it? That is very important. You might also wash/wipe the outside of it after you finish. You can also use a wipe with acohol rub on her feet before you start.

I do hope she recovers soon!

Best wishes
Amanda Clegg
Dec 29 2016 7:03PM
meant to add: we all have streptococcus aureas on our skin - it's just that most of us deal with it in the normal way, and some strains are resistant to antibiotics. It's only a problem if it gets into the wrong place, eg a wound. So don't worry unduly.
Penelope Quaile-Pearce
Dec 30 2016 10:25PM
Being an ex Intensive Care Sister I can also tell you the likelihood of you catching MRSA while doing a Reiki treatment is nil, however if you are worried about infection, that mindset is unhelpful to you and the client you are serving. The infection control protocols within the hospital will be robust and are there to protect all concerned.

Have faith and go for it

Best of luck and best wishes

Nicola Hastings
Jan 1 2017 6:54PM
Thank you both for your replies - very helpful and reassuring. There's so much scaremongering in the media that I was really concerned about the risk of infection but after a bit of deliberation I did go to the hospital and give the lady a reiki treatment. I spoke to the ward sister beforehand who assured me it was safe but to wear gloves and apron just as a precaution. Thank you again for taking the time to reply and share your thoughts and experience, it was much appreciated.
Penelope Quaile-Pearce
Jan 2 2017 9:03AM
Not a problem and really glad you had a good outcome. Have a Great New Year. Pennie
Amanda Clegg
Jan 2 2017 12:13PM
So glad you were able to help her - carry on! Reiki greatly helped my late cousin with pain when she was in the hospice (until her weird church pastor insisted that she stop receiving it because it 'clashed with the prayers': by then she was too ill to argue with him. My then 15yr old observed that 'if God created the world then He created Reiki too, so what kind of a Christian is that pastor? Ho hum. )

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