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Posted by Nicola Hastings, Dec 29 2016 3:15PM

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Reiki for someone with MRSA

I've been treating a lady in hospital who has recently had a stroke. However, she has now contracted MRSA and I have been asked to give her another reiki treatment. I will have to wear gloves and apron etc... I do really want to help as she is in desperate need but also feel a little nervous as MRSA is infectious. I would appreciate anyone's thoughts on whether they would go ahead with it? Thank you.
Rosemary Pharo
Dec 29 2016 3:32PM
Hi Nicola

Here is the NHS info which you may have seen

Presumably you have the choice of doing non contact Reiki ie hands placed near but not on the body. Or even distant or proxy Reiki while in the same room as the patient.

Either of these would lower any potential risk and is my choice where a person has an infectious illness.

It is your choice as you could also choose to send distant Reiki from outside the room.

Are you at increased risk of contracting MRSA based on the NHS website information?

Are the hospital comfortable with your giving a treatment as long as you use gown and gloves? What are their risk assessments?

Are you familiar with appropriate hand washing processes?

Do you have other clients who have compromised immune systems or open wounds etc and who you also need to take into account?

Hope this helps with your decision-making.


Angela Rawlins
Dec 29 2016 4:23PM

I feel that your health might be at risk. You would have to be gowned and masked to give Reiki in close proximity.
Is the patient in quarantine? Does your Reiki level include distance healing?
I have been to a care home that had the vomiting bug and was phoned by a staff member to inform me that some residents had it. I was to visit that day and chose not to as I was due to go on holiday in a few days. Sadly for me, I'd already contracted it even though it had been 10 days since I had visited. I'll for first 3-4 days of my holiday 😔

I personally would send distance healing
Nicola Hastings
Dec 29 2016 6:05PM
Dear Rosemary & Angela,
Thank you both so much for taking the time to reply and giving me food for thought. I am in a particular quandry about this as I was only told about the MRSA after I had agreed an appointment time to give the lady reiki tomorrow. I think if I had known beforehand I would have suggested waiting until the lady is out of isolation but having heard how desperate she is and agreeing to see her I now feel I would be letting her and her husband down by not going. That said, I could suggest distant healing as an alternative as suggested.
Many thanks again,
Angela Rawlins
Dec 29 2016 6:41PM
Hi Nicola,
You could get a mask from Screwfix, the sort tradesmen wear and if you have son Teatree oil, put a drop or two on the mask for
Prevention. May be the nurses could give you a paper coat. You would have to scrub hands before and afterwards, do not touch the
Patient as it is not necessary.
Nicola Hastings
Jan 1 2017 7:00PM
Dear Rosemary & Angela,
Just to let you know that after much deliberation and research I did visit the lady in hospital with MRSA to give her a reiki treatment. I spoke to the ward sister beforehand who assured me it would be completely safe but to wear gloves and apron as a precaution. Thank you both again for taking the time to reply - it's much appreciated.

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