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Posted by Julia Smallbone, Jan 15 2017 12:26PM

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Alternative to towels for massage

Hi there. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for alternatives to using towels for massage. For each client I use a couch cover, bath sheet and bath towel - which leads to an awful lot of laundry! I have started to use a disposable sheet over the couch cover - it's wider than couch roll (I find couch roll doesn't protect the couch cover anyway, and clients often find it awkward to turn over without taking the couch roll with them!) and costs about 28p per massage. But that still leaves two big towels to wash for every client, and as my client base is growing this is getting unmanageable. Does anybody use anything else? Thanks in advance for any advice :)
Sue Hannaford
Jan 15 2017 5:19PM
When I originally trained, we used sheets - the soft, brushed cotton type - you can either use single ones or perhaps get double or king sized flat sheets and cut them in half. One of my friends uses a laundry service - extra cost but convenient. I'm interested in your disposable couch cover sheets though - can you post a link?


Maureen Abson
Jan 15 2017 5:35PM
Hi Julia, I use fleecy blankets instead of towels, one under and one over the client. They are thick so give good cover for the client and are warm and comforting. It's still a fair bit of washing but they do dry very quickly, much more quickly than towels.

Neville Dalton
Jan 15 2017 7:01PM
You make some good points, and I, too, am interested in other people's ideas.

I'm interested that you use two bath sheets. I did to begin with, but found them too cumbersome on all but the biggest people, particularly when folding them to expose the area to be treated.

In fact, I found them counter-productive, as the weight often caused them to fall back on to the area I was treating or slip further away.

I've switched to one standard and one bath sheet, but I'm also interested in how to cover the couch with minimal impact on the washing bill.

Totally take you point about couch roll, although as I recently bought in bulk, I'm probably going to have to persevere with that one.
Neville Dalton
Jan 15 2017 7:02PM
Apologies - I realise you said you use one bath sheet and one bath towel (as I do).
Julia Smallbone
Jan 16 2017 8:38AM
Thanks for your replies Sue, Maureen and Neville. I'll have a look for sheets or fleecy blankets, that could be a good option. Sue, here are two links:
1. This is the couch roll version:
2. And this is the individual sheet version:

Sue I did look at a laundry service but it was going to work out about £8 per client!
Jo Davies
Feb 3 2017 2:55PM
Hi Julia,

I'm so happy to see I'm not the only one with this question! I'm newly qualified and I've been covering clients with a bath towel and a bath sheet, and using additional towels as pillows and knee bolsters as we were taught on the ITEC course, and the laundry is costing me a fortune! When I was training the tutor said that we'd eventually develop our own methods of covering clients, etc, but I'm really not sure what might work best, so I'd be really interested to know what other more experienced people are doing.

The disposable sheets look like they might come in handy. Do you use them over a couch cover?
Julia Smallbone
Feb 3 2017 3:05PM
Hi Jo, Yes I put a couch cover on, then cover it with the disposable sheet. I'm not really sure I need to but I imagine it makes it a bit more comfortable! Julia

Ken Jacobie
Feb 5 2017 8:59PM
Hi folks
I am similar looked into the waterproof covers before but never tried them. I have a couch cover which I then place couch roll on top and towels over the client. I have opted for dark towels although I mainly use coconut oil so staining and discoloration isn't so bad.

It's just weighing up the cost of the different options.

When I work abroad it so much easier as it so warm minimal towels are needed, I use an Ayurvedic table which is wooden, the expectations aren't for comfort but treatment.


Dawn Spragg
Jun 17 2017 12:05PM

On my table over my couch cover i use a disposable cover, its made of a soft paper like material that is very strong but soft. They are classed as disposable non woven bed sheets and lasts over a month so cost about 25p a month cheaper than washing and replacing couch covers and i believe more eco friendly , when i finish using them i tear them up and use them for cleaning before throwing them away. I only use only use additional couch roll or plastic covering for waxing clients

I also use pillow covers made of the same materialist as I use various pillows in the practice for client support.

As for over towels I've been a therapist for over 25 years and I have never found an alternative to towels for over covers , but i do soak them in coke before washing them with gets rid of the oil , well its better than drinking the stuff.

I hope this helps

luck and light


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