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Posted by Suzanne Zacharia, May 27 2007 5:54PM

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Lose Weight London Slim Event £15

hypnotherapy, NLP, counselling, slimming pills or various diets in London?  Maybe they have worked in part or maybe you still have
some way to go. Maybe you have largely overcome this and want to
move on. Whatever stage you are at, this is an opportunity to
find out about a therapy that has worked for all my clients that have
persisted with it. Although not usually a one-session result, you get
easy homework to empower you to take control and be the weight that is
right for you. Try our London EFT for weight loss, weight gain, bulimia, anorexia
and yo-yo
dieting.  <br><br>Low-cost treatment for anyone who needs to be in control of
weight and eating issues. On this day, I will be supervising a small group of therapists (no more than 4) on their regular therapy supervision.  So you get treated by a qualified therapist supervissed by a senior therapist.  At a fraction of the normal cost.  And you also take away with you a skill to help you be more in control of your life.<br>
<br>EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, releases the
stuck energy from your mind and body, freeing you as is appropriate
from the emotional reasons of your eating problem and empowering you to
take control.  We will do a hypnosis positive
reinforcement at the end, sending you off on a positive and confident
Please contact me direct on my mobile or by email
rather than on the main office number, as I need to assesss your
suitability for this lunchtime group. It is only £15.00, so that you
can attend at an easily affordable rate. <br>
<br>Attend for three hours and bring any foods that you want to
overcome.  Experience for yourself the reduction of cravings for
foods that previously you had to "control".<br>
For the address, and to book your place, please call me on <span style="color: red;">07939 72 39 24</span>.<br>
Suzanne Zacharia<br>
Dip Hypotherapy ANM<br>
EFT Trainer Embody<br>
<a target="" title="New Age London Therapy and Training for Mind Body and Spirit" href=""></a><br>
07939 72 39 24<br>

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