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Posted by George B., Jun 5 2007 9:04AM

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Sainsburys 2 for 1 promotion

The third and final Embody promotion for 2006/2007 is in conjunction with Sainsbury's, and as with other promotions is on a 2 treatments for the price of 1 basis.

A voucher will be printed in the Summer issue of Sainsbury’s magazine which can be exchanged for the 2 for 1 offer.

The vouchers will be valid from July until 28th September 2007.

To take part in the offer, click on the Members link, log in if necessary, then click on "Promotions". A registration fee of £10 is payable if you did not register earlier in the year for the Daily Telegraph or New of the World offers.

We wish you success with this latest promotion!

George Barwood
Gillian Kenyon
Sep 15 2007 11:21AM
The H Club has subscribed to the last 3 promotions and had not a single enquiry this year from any of the 3 promotions. This is a great shame as the 2 for 1 treatment promotions are excellent in terms of conversion and in terms of having 100 % show rates evidenced by the very first Telegraph promotion.

Whilst we whoeheartedly support CTHa, despite the hickup in this years promotions, we would advise against the temptation to offer promotions that involve 'free' treatment vouchers.

FREE treatment vouchers have proven to be extremely unsatisfactory from the point of view that they take up a huge amount of time in taking calls and agreeing appointments that, are typically not qualified by the marketing promotions agency arranging them. Calls from FREE voucher holders need qualification and practitioners need to have their eyes open when embarking on such schemes because:

Those who take up completely FREE vouchers often have a high 'no show' percentage - wasted time for the practitioner who could otherwise have used their time more profitably elsewhere other than sitting waiting for a 'no show'.

Those who want 'FREE' treatments often do NOT value our services. After market research over the past 7 years we have been able to find that FREEBY HUNTERS simply take up every FREE offer and do not have any compunction about going elsewhere for their paid for treatments.

If practitioners do 'FREE' voucher treatments - I recommend the practitioner make sure the clients know that you aren't being paid by ANYONE and that this is a promotion where you work for free to achieve an 'introduction to new paying clients'

You always need to have pre-qualified the client, is there an opportunity to get them to pay for a follow on or extended service when they receive their total FREEBIE ?. NEVER give away prime working appointment times to someone who is not going to give you something to cover your time and effort. You might have a call later in the day from a paying client for that premium time that you then have to turn away.

This all being said, I can only wholeheartedly support the hard work and effort that CTHa is putting in to create these 2 for 1 opportunities whereby clients PAY for the first treatment and return for a FREE treatment. It can be both costly and time consuming arranging these promotions and I for one will be taking up next years opportunities - CTHa - keep up the good work please.

Gill Kenyon
The H Club - a coalition of independent therapies practitioners, run by practiticing therapists who share both corporate and private client work opportunities

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