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Posted by Ken Jacobie, Jun 19 2017 6:33AM

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Still active

Hello, I wondered if this forum was still active as I see nothing has been added for about a year. As this is in my area.
Lynn Blackwell
Jun 19 2017 8:35AM
Yes, the group is still active, although the reason for the lapse, is that I was awaiting a hip replacement operation, and the operation was cancelled 4 times, so I was unable to schedule any meetings. I have now had the operation and I am recovering. The group has had some diverse, informative meetings and amazing speakers over the years (the group has been going since 2003) but I must admit it is increasingly difficult to find speakers, few will come free of charge, although the money collected on the door is given to them for their expenses. (the charge is £5.00 per meeting) We have a core group of 6-12 regular attendees.
Any ideas you may have will be most welcome, as you may have noticed, hardly anyone replies to the postings I leave.
Thank you for your interest, Lynn
Ken Jacobie
Jun 19 2017 10:16AM
No problem, I only looked at the dates and as you say not many replies.
Wish you well with your recovery having been through it, I have an idea of what you have been through.

I haven't any specific ideas at the moment but sometimes it's just good to have a general get together and discuss things; maybe ideas come out of that. Especially now in this weather, it's easy to meet outside and get to know people.

As mentioned if anyone wants to meet up in the first instance over a cuppa down on the beach(whilst the weather holds) let me know.

Must say that my other work is has me out and about sometimes which can make things difficult.

Lynn Blackwell
Jun 20 2017 9:47AM
Hi, Ken,
Great idea.... But I think most of us therapists are wilting in this heat !!!
I shall put out a get together and catch up for maybe September.... I have to give members fair notice and of course it is the holiday season (July,August) for a lot of people.
hopefully we will meet up soon.
Rosemary Pharo
Nov 6 2017 6:46PM
Hi Lynn

Glad you are recovering.
Lynn Blackwell
Nov 7 2017 2:55PM
Thank you, Rosemary
Yes, I am almost there !!!
I am going to appeal for speakers for the coming year
to resume our meetings.......
If there is a list, or indeed , if you could put forward any speakers,
I would be most grateful.
Rosemary Pharo
Nov 7 2017 3:45PM
Good to hear Lynn!

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