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Posted Jul 2 2017 12:25PM

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Thai Massage


I am a level 5 qualified Sports massage therapist and a Level 3 Pilates instructor. I have been considering training in Thai massage and going to learn in Thailand. I wondered if you are able to provide any pointers for things to look at when choosing a school, what I need to be insured to provide thai massage in the UK, and if you could recommend any schools?

Many thanks,

Danila Ciencia
Jul 23 2017 5:58PM

I am not supposed to advertise courses here so I will just mention that I will hold an introductory workshop in London in September if you wanted to get an idea of studying Thai Massage, feel free to contact me for more info.

If you wanted to go to Thailand I recommend the following schools,

ITM, Chiang Mai - CThA approved
The Old Medicine Hospital, Chiang Mai
The Sunshine school, Chiang Mai
Wat Po, Bankgok.

I have studied in the first 2.

Danila Ciencia
Jul 23 2017 5:59PM
I forgot to mention that ITM certificate will enable you to add this therapy to your Insurance as you are already a qualified therapist.You would have to check the others I suggested.

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