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Posted by Sarah Bartram, Jun 8 2007 1:11PM

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Paying License Fee

I have been a member since 2005 and work in several Clinics. I offer Massage and Indain Head Massage treatments, I also perform Hopi Ear Candling and Reiki. I have recently started in a hair salon, which has a treatment room at the back, spacious and nice but very different from the spa setting of the other Clinics.
The owner has asked me to pay towards her renewal license fee. I understand businesses need to register with the local authority but should i as a self employed, free lance practitioner pay part of this fee? I thought you only needed to register with the council if you were practising from home?
If anyone has had similiar experience? or has any information, this would be appreciated.
With warm regards
Sarah Bartram
Angela Rawlins
Jun 11 2007 6:16PM
Hi Sarah

I think the licence thing is variable between areas and very much depends on what you practise. ie accupuncture, osteopathy etc.

Will you be renting a room? Or is she paying you a salary? A recognised salon woul probably have to pay business rates. (I work from home)

If I were you you'd need to weigh up the costs - is it better to pay towards the fee or pay her a rental fee? There are salons/centres where I live who rent out the rooms, sometimes per hour.

Hope this gives you some ideas.


Angela Rawlins
Jun 11 2007 6:18PM
Ps Bearing in mind that as a hairdresser she will be using chemicals - perms etc.
Sarah Bartram
Jun 11 2007 7:49PM
Hi Angela,
Thank you for your advice. I free-lance at several clinics. This Salon I offer my services one day a week or as and when they need me. At the moment I pay the owner 50% commission on the treatments I complete on a day to day basis. I then keep a log for my tax returns.
I have tried renting in a yoga holistic centre and found I was pre paying rent and unfortunately not getting any bookings.
The council posted me some information about the Salon and it turns out in this case i was exepmt from licensing charges as i belong to embody professional body, which allows me to practise.
Thank you again for advice.
warm regards

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