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Posted by Fazlin Blakemore, Sep 20 2017 11:44AM

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Meeting Other South East Kent Therapist

Hi, I would be interested in meeting other local therapist to discuss issues and ideas. I can travel to Canterbury or Ashford. Please let me know if this would be of interest.
Angela Davies
Sep 20 2017 4:22PM
Hi Fazlin,
I'm based in Thanet. I could come to Canterbury if you would like to meet. Perhaps wait and see if others reply, then we can arrange a date and place?
Fazlin Blakemore
Sep 20 2017 4:43PM
Good idea, we can see at the end if September?
Angela Davies
Sep 20 2017 4:57PM
I'm afraid I can't make it before 10th October, but if other people can make it before theat. then I'll catch up some time later perhaps? It would be great to meet up with some other local therapists.
Fazlin Blakemore
Sep 20 2017 5:10PM
I'm happy to wait and meet up whenever. Do you know who is the Co ordinator for the south east Kent?
Angela Davies
Sep 20 2017 5:17PM
No, sorry. I've had a look but can't see any info.
Allison Thompson
Sep 26 2017 7:27PM
I too would be interested in meeting up, although not in SE Kent, I don't mind driving.
Allison Thompson
Sep 26 2017 7:32PM
Not sure my last posting made sense when I read it back. Basically I am happy to drive anywhere to meet up. In looking at the back page of Embody, Canterbury Hub co-ordinator is Linda Bishop and Ashford Hub is Liz Almond. emails are either or
Keily Potter
Sep 27 2017 12:47PM
Hi, Im near Rye, Id love to come along if you managed to arrange something. x
Angela Davies
Oct 2 2017 12:56PM
Sorry for delay in replying. I have been away and just catching up with everything! Perhaps if anyone would like to suggest some times and places, then hopefully we can arrange to meet.
Allison Thompson
Oct 2 2017 10:08PM
Can anyone do Friday 13th October, Canterbury? I go away on 17th until 1st Nov.
Angela Davies
Oct 3 2017 9:32AM
I can't do 13th October. I'm happy to wait until November, but if anyone else can make October then I'll catch up later.
Allison Thompson
Oct 6 2017 12:46PM
November is fine for me...
Angela Davies
Oct 11 2017 2:40PM
Is anyone else able to come along too?
Fazlin Blakemore
Oct 11 2017 2:52PM
Suggested date for meeting 9/11?
I have also contacted the Canterbury hub coordinator Linda Bishop to see when meetings are held and for information on cpd events and workshops in the South East. There is a Facebook page and closed group that she manages called The Therapy Network which will have dates for meetings and events listed.
Angela Davies
Oct 11 2017 5:10PM
Thankyou Fazlin. Do you have a link to the FB page please? Re 9th November - I can make the afternoon of that date depending on where we meet.
Fazlin Blakemore
Oct 12 2017 8:50AM
Allison Thompson
Oct 12 2017 4:27PM
I can make the 9th - don't mind where we meet, whatever is the most convenient for you.
Angela Davies
Oct 12 2017 5:38PM
I'm in Broadstairs. Anywhere central for all?
Fazlin Blakemore
Oct 12 2017 5:47PM
Thanet, Broadstairs and Dover, any suggestions?
Allison Thompson
Oct 14 2017 8:23AM
Keily is coming from near Rye, I think someone from Folkestone and Thanet and I am near Lenham, how about we meet in Ashford - the designer outlet about 2pm? It should be pretty easy for everyone to get to. We could meet in the Food Court - there are a number of places to get cups of tea etc - or lunch???? I go away on Monday until 1st November, so may or may not look at my emails etc. If someone else comes up with a better plan, that will be fine, just give me the details and I will be there. Looking forward to meeting you.
Angela Davies
Oct 19 2017 1:29PM
I was planning on travelling by train but according to my internet search, the retail outlet is 84 miles away from the station. I wonder if I'm looking at the correct retail outlet - McArthur Glen? I don't know the area at all, so it's possible!
Fazlin Blakemore
Oct 19 2017 5:25PM
If anyone free, the Ctha members meeting is on 02/11 in Barham, In Canterbury? Angela, it's a fair walk from the station. I could always pick you up?
Fazlin Blakemore
Oct 19 2017 5:28PM
Ashford Designer Outlet Centre, Kimberley Walk, Ashford TN24 0SD, UK, that's the postcode. Google says it's a 16minute walk but all along the mainroad? I don't know Ashford that well but happy to pick anyone up from station or enroute
Angela Davies
Oct 23 2017 9:36AM
Hi Fazlin, Thankyou, that's very kind of you. I'll check train times etc. If you wouldn't mind pickling me up at the station, that would be fantastic! Are you sure it's not going out of your way?
Fazlin Blakemore
Oct 23 2017 5:45PM
Hi everyone,

I won't be able to make the 9/11 as there is a therapist meeting in Folkestone done by Therapy Network. If anyone can make it, it's at 10am at table table, brick field tavern, cherry garden Lane, Folkestone.
Allison Thompson
Oct 29 2017 11:52PM
I am still in the USA, back home on 2nd. Angela, if you would still like to meet up, I am happy to. I see Fazin cannot make the date now. If you want to meet in Ashford I can pick you up at the station. Will that be 2 or 3 of us?
Angela Davies
Oct 31 2017 1:11PM
Hi Allison,
I'm so sorry. I've booked appointments in for that afternoon now, as I didn't think anyone else could make it either. I think it would probably have been just the 2 of us. It's difficult to find a time that suits everyone isn't it. I wonder if perhaps we could all try again in the new year - once all the Christmas festivities are over?
Allison Thompson
Nov 7 2017 10:30AM
That's fine, no worries.
Sarah Thomson
Dec 19 2018 11:31AM
I am Canterbury based.

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