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Posted by Anthony Mckenzie, Oct 26 2017 2:53PM

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Soft tissue release

Just completed a Soft tissue release course which I wanted to add to my treatments and insurance, CThA office say I can't because I don't have a Sport massage training!! the massage schools I looked into all say level 3 with anatomy is ok, some even show the soft tissue course is covered by CThA!!
What is going on!! Not Happy!!!!!
Alison Baillie
Oct 26 2017 4:39PM
argue your case with examples of how you can use it on general clients and get the training schools imput on your behalf. I had this problem when I did a level 1 taping and strapping and they said I couldn't be covered because I didn't have sports and was asked "what would I want to do with it" so I gave them examples they cover me for it. By the way they covered me for advanced sports stretching with no problem first, go figure.
Anthony Mckenzie
Oct 26 2017 8:48PM
Thanks Alison for the reply, support and great advice!! Can we fix this! yes we can!! You put a smile back on you face.
Maureen Abson
Oct 31 2017 9:58AM
Were you able to sort this Anthony?
Anthony Mckenzie
Oct 31 2017 8:12PM
Hello Maureen! No, not as yet! Rosemary Pharo said she would try and look into this matter... Still can't see why it cannot be covered? I'm not using it for sports, I'm using it with people in the SN spectrum.
Maureen Abson
Oct 31 2017 8:39PM
That's good that Rosemary is looking into it, I could only duplicate what she would do and Rosemary is fab! I hope you can find a way through.
Anthony Mckenzie
Oct 31 2017 10:15PM
Thank you Maureen, it's great to know people are so willing to support each other! Just hope CThA will do the same.

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