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Posted by Wei Min Liang, Jan 4 2018 1:14PM

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membership certificate

Dear All,
I have renewed for my membership last month but I haven't received the certificate. How long will it take to get the certificate by post?

Wei Liang
Robert Fullick
Jan 4 2018 1:43PM
Normally a few days - but it’s been Christmas!
Sue Hannaford
Jan 4 2018 10:13PM
You are still listed as a member. Was it the membership certificate you were after, or your insurance certificate?
Wei Min Liang
Jan 5 2018 10:40AM
Hi Sue,
I am still waiting for the membership certificate. I have renewed both my membership and insurance last month.

Wei Min Liang
Jan 5 2018 10:41AM
I have got my insurance certificate, I am currently waiting for my membership certificate.
Sue Hannaford
Jan 5 2018 12:53PM
Great so you have the important bit, issued by Holistic Insurance. It's CThA membership department that you need to contact to see where your certificate is you could try

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