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Posted by Antonia Lightfoot, Jan 10 2018 7:04PM

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Re online learning. I can't find any other place to put this.

Does anyone know of any webinars or online recorded day courses for CPD. I know the AOR do some but I was just wondering if there are others.

Thank you

Antonia Lightfoot
Member No G3961
Maureen Abson
Jan 10 2018 7:10PM
Niel Asher do some good ones with quite a wide range of topics:
Antonia Lightfoot
Jan 10 2018 7:11PM
Thank you very much.
Angela Rawlins
Jan 11 2018 8:53AM
Check with the CThA that this company is recognised and recommend, you don’t want to pay a lot of money to find that they aren’t
Maureen Abson
Jan 11 2018 9:09AM
Their individual courses won't be accredited with CTHA but any course you do gets CPD points (usually 5). As with any course absolutely check it's for you!
Angela Rawlins
Jan 11 2018 9:12AM
They look interesting, looks like you need to be a massage therapist though, I’m not :(
Maureen Abson
Jan 11 2018 9:22AM
Ah yes they are CPD courses only. I know them as I'm just putting some work together for them and have been impressed so far. They are mainly US based and get CPD accreditation State by State, as the US has far tighter massage regs than the here their stuff has to be good quality, but yes they are for existing Practitioners only on the basis that any initial massage training should always be in person so that there is full teaching and supervision of practice. There are lots of others too I'm sure, I'm on,y recommending this one as I have personal experience of them. Maureen
Antonia Lightfoot
Jan 11 2018 9:56AM
Thanks everyone. All very helpful.
I am a Reflexologist but always like to look at other therapies for obvious reasons.

Good luck in 2018.
Tina Jensen Friis
Jan 15 2018 3:34PM
Hi all.
I am the Manager of the CThA in the South West.
I am planning a variation of courses and CPDs for 2018, some online, and some of which may be of interest to you.
Keep an eye on (will be online within this week) and the CThA Facebook page for the SouthWest:
You are welcome to contact me by email also:
All the best, Tina
Antonia Lightfoot
Jan 18 2018 8:25PM
Thank you very much Tina. I will bear that in mind.
Best Wishes


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